I gave up scrolling for Lent, here’s how it’s going

For hundreds of years, Christians have participated in the tradition of Lent. A period of 40 days to fast and pray and reflect on the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

It’s not something I grew up with, rather something I learned about as an adult. This year I decided to participate.

I’m seven days in to my ‘No Scrolling Challenge’, and it’s been a breath of fresh air.

I knew I was addicted to content, but I had no idea how much it was taking away from my every day life.

In the period of the last week, I have gotten outside more, read more, and most importantly been present with my family and aware of God in the day to day.

As Christians we often talk about the idols of career, fame and fortune, vices such as alcohol and drugs. But I think one of the most damaging idols in our lives today is technology.

I love technology, I love social media. I think it plays a vital role in our lives. But it becomes a problem when I rush to my phone each time it dings, yet let my children call for me several times before I answer them.

It becomes a problem when I can’t have coffee with a friend without checking my phone.

It becomes a crutch when I turn to mindless scrolling every time I get overwhelmed by life.

I’m tracking how much time I spend on my phone each day and how many times I pick it up and it’s very revealing of my priorities.

I’m embarrassed to say that I’m going through some form of ‘withdrawal’. I reach for my phone constantly, I feel anxious in quiet. And I’ve replaced scrolling with spider solitaire to a certain extent.

Whether you’re a person of faith or not, I think fasting or taking a break from anything can be good for the soul, whether that’s coffee, food, social media, sex, etc. It reminds us how much time and money we spend on these habits, and shows us where our priorities really lie.

I for one, would rather they lie in my faith and the people around me, than a five inch screen that never truly satisfies.

You can follow my detox on Instagram @forevercurious92.

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