Persevering Through the Pandemic

I am so excited to introduce you to our new contributor!

Pastor Brian is a man of God, and I have found he shares wisdom in tangible ways that encourage everyone, regardless of whether they share his faith or not. I hope you are blessed by his writings! – Rebecca

Our world turned upside down back in March 2020 and from there it was sink or swim. As a pastor I had to learn in very short order how to conduct services virtually every week. Thankfully, I have competent tech people in my church who were able toshow me the ropes and guide me through the quagmire of uncharted ministry on a YouTube channel. I worked for several weeks entirely by myself in our big church building, longing for the sound of another human voice. Being prevented from visiting my people I began feeling the noose of loneliness tighten around me.

I sought the Lord in prayer for His guidance and 3 things emerged which have helped me to adapt to the ‘pandemic pastoring’ way of life:1. I rediscovered my weekly Sabbath time. With churches closed for the first 3 months of the pandemic last year, and my online service already pre-recorded, I found myself at home with my family doing church in our living room. Normally, I would never get to sit with them in a service. Furthermore, I started each Sunday with a 60-minute prayer walk in our community. I totally enjoyed my Sundays!2. I started taking communion each day at the office before I began the day’s workload. We have pre-filled communion cups with a wafer included, so I stashed a bunch of these in my desk drawer to have on hand. Those silent, holy moments with the Lord put everything into perspective for me.3. I rediscovered the use of the phone. With all in person visits off limits I found the phone to be a fantastic way to stay connected to my congregation. I got to hear their voice and they got to hear mine.

I am longing for things to return to some sense of normalcy eventually but for now I can rest in the assurance that God’s got this!

Stay calm and pray on, folks!

Pastor Brian Horrobin

You can find Pastor Brian’s virtual church services here.

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