Making my faith my own

As a Christian, I haven’t always been proud of the greater Church’s response to COVID19 and it’s caused me to question our expression of faith.

That distinction is important. I’ve never questioned the truth of a God who cares for me and is involved in my life, or my belief that scripture is inerrant.

It’s been a tumultuous time for me, many have pulled me aside, concerned that I’m walking away from Christianity.

On the contrary!

I’ve been digging in more!

Since I didn’t have consistent church or Bible study, I had to do the studying!

And no topic was off the table.

What is Church?

What is my parental responsibility for my children’s spiritual well being?

Should we be paying pastors?

What is persecution?

What would Jesus do in the light of the pandemic?

What does the Bible say about homosexuality?

Is this the correct translation?

What is ‘salvation’?

And sometimes there isn’t one right answer for every situation.

This last year has taught me to be okay with the mystery.

I’m no longer afraid to dive into a topic out of fear of what I’ll find. I’m not God, I won’t know everything while I’m here. I’m simply going to trust that God’s got this, and He will show me what I need to know.

Explore my friends! Adventure awaits!