Restorative Gardening Services

At the Restorative Way, I utilize plants, outdoor spaces, and mindfulness, to enhance the physical and mental well-being of young women so that they can live lives of joyful expression. My workshops allow women to create a mindful life and build self-esteem through meaningful activities that are transferable to their everyday lives.  

My goals are:

  1. To ease symptoms of depression and anxiety. 
  2. To develop transferable skills for everyday life.
  3. To provide an outlet for creativity that can be shared with others. 
  4. To develop a further independent interest in horticulture. 


Restorative Gardening Sessions

Join me for this twelve week session in spring or summer. Together we’ll slow down, and enjoy being present in my gardens. From planting, to weeding, to creating beautiful bouquets, you’ll leave with something you helped make each week.

Start your dream garden

Virtual or In Person Options

  • Together we’ll discover your ideal garden. We’ll discuss your space, plant dates and past hurdles. 
  • You’ll receive a garden drawing unique to your space and the plants you want to grow, as well as planting dates for optimal success. 
  • For more support, sign up for my garden season coaching.
women planting plants on the garden
soil on wooden table near a clay pot

Start your seeds

Want to try gardening but not sure where to start?

Dreaming about creating a meaningful space but not sure where to start? Let’s start together. 

Create something beautiful – Find your calm.

Join me for a meditative creative session. Together we’ll get in touch with all five senses while creating something beautiful from my gardens that will leave you feeling at ease.

To see all the programs I offer check out my booking page here.